Board Members

There is a small fraction of the medical world that can be defined as true leaders; certain individuals who seem able to build bonds, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to foster the relationships making connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and being the motivating force forward to “get the job done”.

Dr. Gerardo Capote is one of those people, and “getting things done” and making things happen, through teamwork, partnerships, and relationships, as a leader in bringing healthcare services to our community, is what he is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Dr. Capote radiates a sincere passion for delivering essential values and benefits to our community.

A Pediatrician by training, Dr. Capote earned his Medical Degree from Universidad Central del Este in 1987. While he studied and lived in the Dominican Republic, he was no stranger to the needs of the impoverished. Education was paramount and he’d encourage the local youths in the neighborhood to stay in school by forming mentoring groups that helped with purchasing school uniforms, books and supplies as well as aiding with tutoring for those children whose families couldn’t afford it.

Throughout his medical career Dr. Capote has always strived to help the under-represented and less fortunate individuals whose health disparities have set them apart from others. As Founder and Executive Director of American Health Foundation, Dr. Capote started with a simple vision of promoting access to care for all individuals with special healthcare needs. That vision and the motivation he exudes has been that constant driving force for the entire Board to date.

Dr. Capote shares that special vision with his wife, Dr. Maria Medina-Capote, as they work together in AHF to advocate for those who aren’t able to do so, on their own. Besides the AHF vision, the Drs. Capote also share their dreams and hopes with their 4 children, 1 grand-daughter and the many important Capote Family members that give them their unconditional support.

Dr. Maria Medina-Capote is the Board Liaison Officer and Medical Director for American Health Foundation’s (AHF) Healthcare Services Programs. As Board Liaison Officer she performs a variety of high-level administrative tasks that include, but not limited to, frequent interaction and shared responsibilities with all members within the organization. As a community pediatrician and disability analyst who has provided services for special healthcare needs patients for more than 18 years, her experience in all facets of coordination of care for patients with chronic and debilitating disorders is invaluable to AHF’s work.

Dr. Medina-Capote brings to AHF close to 15 years’ experience as Medical Director for Children’s Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (CMAT) in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties under Children’s Medical Services, an agency of the Florida Department of Health. CMAT is an inter-agency coordinated effort that makes recommendations for medically necessary services for children from birth to twenty-one who are medically complex or medically fragile. As CMAT Medical Director, she is the lead point in this collaborative team, which is essential to responding to the needs of each child and family and to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of support and services.

During her career Dr. Medina-Capote has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing education by providing a quality learning environment for high school and college students interested in medical careers and for medical students, pediatric residents and nurse practioner students as a clinical preceptor. She currently serves as Faculty Clinical Preceptor for the Pediatric Residency Program of Miami Children’s Hospital, the Advanced Nurse Practioner Program of Florida International University and the FIU Chapter of the Miami Medical Team Foundation.

Dr. Medina-Capote shares the following personal motivation that guided her decision to serve as a member of the AHF Board, “I have been passionately devoted, along with the other Board Members, to the development of a multifaceted school with a focus on school-based healthcare services for children and youths with special healthcare needs since my initial involvement in 2009. I have dedicated my efforts to bringing awareness to excellence in education for the underserved special needs students and their families. By providing a solid educational foundation and a nurturing environment for students, they will achieve within and beyond their perceived abilities.” An important aspect of her life is family –the memory and love of her dedicated parents, Eugenio and Zobeida, her devoted husband Dr. Gerardo Capote, her daughter Lyane, her three sons Sean, Chris and Jerry, married to Stacey, and Jerry and Stacey’s daughter, the lovely Aubrey –and two dogs and a cat.

As the Chairperson of American Health Foundation’s Board of Directors, Roselind Hortelano, affectionately known as Rosy, is a determining force in promoting the issues affecting healthcare services for disabled individuals, and she is committed whole-heartedly to the mission of the organization. In addition to her board position, she also serves as Co-chair of the Community Relations Committee and as a member of the Committee, and helps organize and promote the committee’s fundraising events.

Community service is something Rosy takes very seriously. “My main interest in joining AHF,” says Rosy, “was to pull the community together to get people involved in helping those who can’t help themselves and make a real difference in the lives of those who need it.” Rosy adds, “Having had worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for over 15 years helps me understand all the more better the need for community advocacy in the care of patients with special needs.”

Outside of her AHF role, Rosy works in a managerial capacity for her husband, George, and her insurance business where she excels in public relations and in helping her neighbors in need. Rosy frequently responds to “911” phone calls assisting residents with information and resources on emergency issues.

In addition to her day-job, she is an active member of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, participating in ministries such as Vocation and Emmaus, amongst others. Rosy is the mother of Charys, a 24 year old young lady starting her studies in nursing, and 8-year-old Joel, an honor student at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. Rosy is a dedicated daughter and niece to the beloved elders of her family: her mother, uncle and aunt.

Says Rosy, “I would like to form an community outreach network through my involvement with American Health Foundation and I in so doing help others get to know their community. It’s a very rewarding experience to be active in your community; to actively work with other leaders and advocate in a common goal to improve the quality of life in your community.”

Overall, Rosy believes in promoting respect for others, no matter what their age or cultural background is. “If you show someone respect,” says Rosy, “their attitude and behavior will always exceed your expectations.”

Cristina Borroto is passionate about helping others who are not as fortunate. She wants to work at developing community ties to improve services for the underprivileged. Says Cristina, “We need to work on making a better community that helps all individuals; we need to include those with disabilities.”

Cristina recently graduated from Florida International University, where she majored in Biological Sciences, receiving her Bachelor’s degree. Her plans are to enter medical school and devote her studies in the field of pediatrics. Cristina comes from a medical family background and desires to continue serving her community by working with the indigent population providing services that are much needed.

Previously, she has participated in philanthropic work, traveling with a non-profit organization that provides aid to populations burdened by catastrophes. Most recently, she traveled with the team to Haiti extending help to the earthquake stricken victims. “Seeing the look of gratitude in their eyes and knowing they were receiving good medical attention from professionals who care, made a significant impact in my life,” says Cristina. She has been very active in promoting the FIU Chapter of Miami Medical Team Foundation.

Cristina has worked with American Health Foundation since its inception as the Secretary of the Board of Directors. She has offered her diverse talents administratively in board development and the Community Relations Committee. During the day, Cristina works in a busy pediatric medical practice as an executive administrative assistant and insurance coordinator. She notes, “One of my many interests is improving access to medical services for the underprivileged. My goal is to see our many community partners working together with a common purpose; accessible healthcare services to all individuals no matter their diagnoses or social status.”

Teresita Prieto-Fernandez began her work with American Health Foundation (AHF) in 2010 as Treasurer for the Board of Directors. Her exceptional leadership and motivational abilities as well as her administrative skills serve as an important “backbone” to our Board of Directors and the entire AHF family. In addition to carrying out the organization’s fiduciary duties, “Tere”, as she likes to be called, has contributed her special skills and experience as part of the Community Relations & Development Advisory Board and the Special Events Committee.

Tere currently serves as Coordinator of Formation and Certification in Administration for the Archdiocese of Miami-Office of Catechesis, a leader in volunteerism in the community. As Tere accomplishes her duties and responsibilities for the Archdiocese, she works continually to motivate and inspire others to contribute to community programs. At home, she is a mother to two feisty toddler boys, Sebastian & Sabrian and an almost 8 year old beautiful girl, Sabrina. She is happily married to Alain and helps out in his construction contracting business whenever possible.

Tere is a true visionary in community service and philanthropy. She says, “It is fundamental that we build the “blueprint” for our community so that our organization is recognized as a leader in advocacy for individuals with special needs. I certainly hope my expertise helps us along the way.” Undoubtedly, her background in community and healthcare services as well as in education has been an invaluable contribution towards upholding the values of AHF and working towards fulfilling its mission and vision.

Says Tere, “I enjoy working on the AHF Board in order to help improve the quality of our philanthropic experience and to develop community service programs in our local communities and, hopefully, across the State. Serving on the board is an opportunity to be an advocate for all who are involved in services for our under-served disabled and special needs citizens and gives me the privilege of working with my peers for such an important cause.”