Meaningful Life Academy

Posted by on Aug 4, 2013 in AHF News, Autism

Meaningful Life Academy: Help your children reach higher!

Meaningful Life Academy: Help your children reach higher!


Meaningful Life Academy is American Health Foundation’s major initiative for the creation of a multifaceted school-based health services center that will provide the best educational experience while encouraging exceptional abilities of individuals through strong educational principals and multidisciplinary support services. Our goal is to inspire through education, the unlimited potential of what students might achieve for themselves and their world.


All children and youths have the right to become accomplished in their individual abilities, develop their talents and skills and realize their potential. As educators, parents and responsible citizens, we need to recognize this right and accept the obligation to assist all students to develop their potential and the belief that this goal can best be accomplished by providing appropriate educational opportunities. We must further recognize health conditions, patterns of learning, range of interests, motivations, and talents among the students and believe that this diversity must be considered in the design and delivery of these educational opportunities.